Japanese Tsumami Kanzashi Hair Ornaments for 1/6 size Dolls by Roshino’s Ministry of Trade Garments Division ロシーノ貿易省服飾課謹製 ドール用つまみ細工かんざし


Roshino’s Ministry of Trade Garment Division carries

Japanese tsumami kanzashi hair ornaments for kimono.


We use extra fine real silk fabrics: they are truly gorgeous.

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Grand Duchy of Roshino

Fascinating lives of amigurumi who live in Grand Duchy of Roshino, which is an imaginary country somewhere on the earth. ロシーノ大公国という想像上の国に暮らすあみぐるみ達の楽しく可愛い生活を紹介しています。

Made in Charmyheim