* かわいらしくし過ぎないこと。生地は良いものを使うことをポリシーにしています。


*なんとかきれいにミシンをかけるために、印つけ、裁断を もっと厳密にしたいと思います!




• what I make in Roshino: mainly 1/6 size dolls’ clothes, accessories, and kimono.

I started making doll’s accessories when I was small

like as easy as cut and paste felt fabrics

and it’s been about 25 years since then.

• what I most care: not to make things too cute, use good quality fabrics.

• what I am not good at: sewing machine.

• what I try hard to overcome above: in order to handle sewing machine, I want to

be more precise in marking and cutting fabrics.

• what I want to make most: I want to make a diorama of Grand Duchy of Roshino!

• I live with two cats: I think it is not so bad getting old while petting their heads.

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