Johnny and Mr. Humboldt’s Setsubun ジョニーとフンボルトさんの節分



Speaking of Setsubun, people in Roshino enjoy Japanese traditional ritual
called “mamemaki” literally meaning bean scattering to drive away evil spirits.
The one who plays the role of oni (evil spirit) wears an evil mask
and now Johnny is working to make one.
“Are you sure what you are drawing is oni?”
“Of course I am! No simple oni mask satisfies me!”
The one Johnny is making looks totally different from usual one.


Johnny asked Mr. Humboldt to wear the oni mask he has just completed.
Mr. Humboldt: “Why? Me? Wear this???”
Johnny : “I’m counting on you! Oh, Mr.! M,mmmMr! This is hilarious!”
The species like Mr. Humboldt and Johnny is not suited to the masks, I think.

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