1/6 Doll Size Men’s Tonbi Coat for Kimono by Roshino’s Ministry of Trade Garments Division ロシーノ貿易省服飾課謹製 1/6ドール用トンビコート


1/6 ドール用の服飾品もその一つです。


We, Roshino’s Ministry of Trade Garments Division carry

various products for export.

1/6 doll size garment is one of them.

This is men’s tonbi coat (Japanese sleeveless overcoat with cloak) for kimono.


It is mainly for kimono but is also good for casual western clothing.


Note that the lining is important, too.

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主に1/6ドールのためのものを作っています。編みぐるみの子犬プリン、キリコ、フンボルトさん、猫の小春とすずとのんびり暮らしております。I make things (clothes and accessories) for 1/6 size dolls mainly. I enjoy a relaxed pace of life with amigurumi Prin, Kirico, Mr. Humboldt, and two cats Koharu and Suzu.
Made in Charmyheim