Japanese footwear

1/6 Doll’s Geta for men 男の子用の下駄




These are boy’s geta.

Material used from left: paulownia wood, magnolia, and Oregon pine.


The teeth parts are not glued on or embedded in the sole

but are formed by sharpening a wood.

1/6 Doll Geta(Koppori,Oiran,Funagata) お人形の下駄「こっぽり」「花魁下駄」「舟形下駄」

IMGP3587 奥は、花魁の下駄です。鼻緒は羽二重です。手前左は「舟形」と呼ばれる形の台の下駄です。

From the left: Funagata: base board shaped like a boat;

top middle: oiran’s sanmai-ba geta. Hanao (cloth thongs are made out

of habutae silk); and on the right koppori: special

type of geta worn by maiko (geisha apprentice).



Momoko wears koppori: Koppori are distinctive tall geta

which have a small bell inside of its thick sole.

Made in Charmyheim