Boy’s Day

Children’s Day with Prin and Ponsuke プリンとポンスケの子供の日





Today is Boy’s festival / Children’s Day .

Prin visits Ponsuke’s place and makes paper helmet origami together.

Prin: “Where did you just fold now?”

Ponsuke: “Let me see, here, and this way…”



プリンは 「ヤッホー!」 と楽しそうですが、

ポンスケは 「た、たかいー」 と、ちょっと怖いみたいです。

Parents display carp banners/streamer on Children’s/Boy’s day.

Those carps swim in the sky, higher than the roofs.

Kids in Roshino also celebrate this day by riding on a carp swimming higher than the roofs.

“Yooohooo!” Prin looks having a fun but,

“th, this is very high!” Ponsuke is kinda scared.

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