Ken’s Casual Kimono and Hakama ケンの普段着着物と袴



I made a Hakama for Ken.

Both kimono and hakama are made with cotton fabrics

therefore they are classified as casual wear.


Letting him carry a cat in kimono: one way to

have fun while wearing kimono.

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主に1/6ドールのためのものを作っています。編みぐるみの子犬プリン、キリコ、フンボルトさん、猫の小春とすずとのんびり暮らしております。I make things (clothes and accessories) for 1/6 size dolls mainly. I enjoy a relaxed pace of life with amigurumi Prin, Kirico, Mr. Humboldt, and two cats Koharu and Suzu.

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