Ichimatsu doll custom: gofun paint and put parts together 市松人形のボディパーツを塗ってつなげる





I finished painting gofun and coloring my ichimatsu doll, Akira.

Glued some sweat fabric on the neck socket

in order to avoid direct friction.

This is the first time for me to use gofun, which is a Japanese

traditional paint made out of oyster shells:

I realized that I need more experience using it

since it has unique characteristics.





Painted toe fingers pink.

I also painted white details.

I tried to make some space between a big toe and a second toe

so that he can wear geta footwear

but it’s gone because of thick gofun paint.




Put each body parts together with chirimen fabric.

I inserted iron weight in the belly to keep balance

with a heavy head (it is solid and heavy!).


I fixed chipped tip of the nose.

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Ayano P
人形を作ったり編み物をしたりしています。よりリアルにを目標に制作しております。I am making ball jointed dolls and knitting and crocheting. I like my dolls and amigurumi to be more realistic and lifelike.

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