BJD Levi doll 4 兵長人形その4





Next, making legs.

I think they are lean and sinewy

but it’s very difficult to make them like so.

Much easier to start making from bones, I guess.

heicho-kyu1_sm そして要の関節球を作ります。




Then, the most important of all, joint balls.

He will have double jointed knees and abdominal joints

so total will be 17.

Making as close to the perfect sphere as possible is

always a hard work.

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Ayano P
人形を作ったり編み物をしたりしています。よりリアルにを目標に制作しております。I am making ball jointed dolls and knitting and crocheting. I like my dolls and amigurumi to be more realistic and lifelike.

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