Johnny and Shusui ジョニーと秋水



Roshino’s kimono tailor Johnny starts working on yukata for coming hot seasons.

But it looks like Johnny is muttering something.





 “My brother Shusui, he doesn’t quite understand what ‘kabuki’ is!”

Johnny complains and continues to ply his needles.

Johnny’s brother, Shusui, works as a manager for the owner of Komaya, where

Johnny works so Johnny cannot go against Shusui.




Johnny was not happy about these works since they are plain and simple,

not gorgeous type that Johnny likes but once he finished his work he looks pleased with them.

He also prepared geta shoes and bags and now is going to deliver goods to Shusui.




Shusui and Johnny came to an exhibition to check

Japanese geta sandals they are going to sell at Komaya.

They pose exactly the same when they consider something.

They don’t look alike but they are brothers, in deed.

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