1/6 Doll’s Ichimatsu Doll-like Kimono by Johnny the Kimono tailor 仕立て屋ジョニーの市松人形風着物


でもジョニー曰く 「洋物にはねぇ色柄を合わせるのが、傾きの基本だぜ!」

Although Johnny loves eccentric tastes like eye-catching clothes, peculiar

hairstyles, and weird behavior (that’s what Kabukimono is!),

he sometimes work on very traditional and classical kimono.

He says, “trying to find and match the colors and patterns which cannot

be found in western clothing culture is one basic skill of kabuki!”



Johnny used old soft chirimen (Japanese crepe cloth) for kimono.

He chose not to use interfacing for obi sash so that he can use its softness

to express more relaxed impression.

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主に1/6ドールのためのものを作っています。編みぐるみの子犬プリン、キリコ、フンボルトさん、猫の小春とすずとのんびり暮らしております。I make things (clothes and accessories) for 1/6 size dolls mainly. I enjoy a relaxed pace of life with amigurumi Prin, Kirico, Mr. Humboldt, and two cats Koharu and Suzu.

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