1/6 Tonbi Coat: Men’s overcoat for kimono お人形のトンビコート

tonbi2 (2)お人形のとんびコートを作りました。


I made tonbi coat for 1/6 size doll.

Tonbi coat is similar to the Inverness coat

putting on over kimono.


tonbi2 (1)着物の袖が邪魔にならないように、ケープの下は袖がない作りになっています。

As you can see, it doesn’t have sleeves under the cape

it is because there are full kimono sleeves.


The back of the cape is a part of back body: it is one piece.

  Come to think of it, I  realized this tonbi coat is

much similar to the Inverness cape: the cape split in two and  a small cape on

each side was sewn into the side seams

not taken across the back(*), but not exactly same.

*source from wikipedia: Inverness cape

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主に1/6ドールのためのものを作っています。編みぐるみの子犬プリン、キリコ、フンボルトさん、猫の小春とすずとのんびり暮らしております。I make things (clothes and accessories) for 1/6 size dolls mainly. I enjoy a relaxed pace of life with amigurumi Prin, Kirico, Mr. Humboldt, and two cats Koharu and Suzu.

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