Ichimatsu doll custom: Nagajuban 市松人形の長襦袢




I sewed Akira’s nagajuban (a full-length undergarment worn under a kimono).

Sleeves and haneri (a decorative collar on an under-kimono) are

made out of silk fabric.

Its pattern looks like some bamboo painted with a blue ink.




I was not sure a nagajuban needs semamori (lucky pattern embroideries

on the back of kid’s kimono, which protects  a child from bad luck)

but I put it anyway, just in case.

It is a knotted-letter.

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人形を作ったり編み物をしたりしています。よりリアルにを目標に制作しております。I am making ball jointed dolls and knitting and crocheting. I like my dolls and amigurumi to be more realistic and lifelike.

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